Olivier Eberhardt Sensei (4th dan)

Olivier Eberhardt is a professional instructor and stated certified in Iwama Aikido.

He started to practice Aikido in September 1991 at La Flèche (Sarthe).
In 1992, he meets Daniel Toutain at the Aikido Academy of Rennes and becomes his student.

In November 1994, he made his very first journey to Japan where he spent three months, as an inner student “ushi-deshi”, under Saito Morihiro’s direction (9th dan) in the Aikido’s creator original Dojo located at Iwama (Ibaraki-japan). On January 14th, 1995, he was delivered his first Dan by Saito Morihiro himself in the Aikido’s creator dojo.

Back in France, he became one of Daniel’s assistant and attended many national and international seminars organized throughout Europe.

He is now an ambassador of both Iwama Ryu International Academy and Iwama Shinshin Aiki Shurenkai, and head of the Dokan Dojo located in Rennes, France.

He also regularly goes back to Iwama to train as an uchi-deshi.

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